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Benefits of the Overland Torque Tune (OTT)
  • Increased horsepower (Dyno verified!)

  • Increased torque, especially in the low and mid-range

    • Perfect for overlanding with extra weight, towing, or overall performance

  • Greatly improved shift points (automatic transmission only)

    • Stay in gear longer on inclines and keep your vehicle in the torque curve -- huge improvement over stock!

  • Customized throttle response​

    • We have multiple throttle tip-in settings for those wanting a faster, more responsive gas pedal, similar to stock, or even reduced tip-in (perfect for rock crawling or advanced off-roading)!​

  • Rework of the VVTI (Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence)

    • We map the adjustable cam system for the best combination of low and mid-end torque and power while providing good fuel economy

  • Custom tunes for regeared vehicles and larger tires

    • Support for aftermarket axle ratios

    • Support for aftermarket tire sizes

  • Speed limiter adjustments​

    • After regearing, your ECU-limited top speed will drop due to the changes in gearing ratios (a 3rd Gen Tacoma with 5.29s will top out around 81 mph). We can adjust those to match stock settings.​

  • Support for AGM batteries

    • AGM batteries require a higher voltage for proper charging – the stock alternator charge profile is for lead acid batteries and only provides ~13.8V. We can adjust this voltage for AGM batteries!

  • Calibrated towing modes

    • We can set the Electronically Controlled Transmission (ECT) button to hold gears longer and change throttle tip-in to greatly improve towing performance. We also keep your vehicle from constantly shifting between gears while under load.

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