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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a tune cost?

A: Please complete the Request a Tune form to receive a quote for vehicle tuning.

Q: Will this void my warranty?

A: We cannot guarantee warranty status, however our clients have had warranty claims approved and completed on a tuned vehicle with no issues.

Q: Can the dealer detect my tune?

A: The ECU ID of your vehicle will remain unchanged and report back as stock.

Q: Can I go back to the stock tune?

A: Yes. We retain stock ECU files on hand at all times and are happy to return your vehicle to stock if you desire.

Q: What vehicles do you support?

A: Please check out our Supported Vehicles page. If you're interested in a different vehicle, please let us know!

Q: Does my ECU/TCU need to be updated with Toyota's technical service bulletin updates?

A: Yes, if not already updated. We perform this service for free with any tune.

Q: What tune is used?

A: We exclusively tune the latest version of the Overland Tailor Torque Tune created by Overland Tailor. We fully support this tune and use it on our own vehicle -- happily!

Q: Will this tune correct my speedometer with larger tires installed?

A: No, at this time an ECU tune cannot correct speedometer discrepancies created by larger tires. An aftermarket product is required.

Q: Can you tune my vehicle remotely?

A: Yes, we cover the entire state of Wyoming and are willing to travel to almost any destination with reliable power for a fee.

Q: How does the tuning process work?

A: First, we'll identify your specific needs and preferences to select the proper tune for your vehicle. We then connect a battery power supply to maintain proper battery voltage to your vehicle while we perform the work. If needed, we will apply the applicable Toyota TSBs followed by flashing our tune. The entire process can be completed in 30-45 minutes, depending on platform.

Q: Will I get better fuel economy?

A: Possibly. Every vehicle is different. Based on your axle gearing, tire size, and driving style, you may see an increase in fuel economy -- many of our clients do.

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